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Our History

Established as a Private Limited Company, Vidisha Electricals Private Limited has been delivering air with pride since the year 1999. Engaged in manufacturing of fans and components, VIDISHA has successfully made its way to millions of homes across India.

Our Products & Expertise

We are a ISO 9001-2015 certified company with MSME and NSIC registration. Our product offerings include a wide variety of domestic electrical fans. We also provide outsourcing services to some very renowned fan manufacturers of the country and export to countries like Bangladesh and Nepal since 2002. With an in-house aluminium pressure die-casting and machining unit, we expertise in manufacturing ceiling and table fan aluminium cover and rotor. We hold BIS and BEE license for a class of products.


With exclusive focus on fans as products and continuous effort to deliver quality at affordable price, we have been able to create value for our customers even in a highly competitive market. Our product quality, manufacturing facility and promise to deliver has also been trusted & recognized by the Indian Railways in 2018. Vidisha Electricals Private Limited is now one of the approved vendors to the Indian Railways for manufacture and supply of rail carriage fans.

Our Belief & Strategy

We strongly believe that "Innovation isn't just about doing something new. It can also be about doing something better". Our strategy is also simple: to continuously grow and evolve by building worth for our customers. While we are not industry leaders when it comes to technology and innovation, we are quick to adapt to the new environment and enhance, instead of sticking to our success in the past. In 2020 we have enhanced our product offering to include Grenovo series of fans, our smart & green innovation. Fans powered by BLDC technology: enhanced performance, up-to 65% savings in electricity bill & reduced carbon footprint.

Our Vision & Mission

To grow into the most trusted fan manufacturing brand globally.


To continue to build value for our customers by providing quality products and energy conserving solutions at affordable prices.

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